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Problems that enterprises need to consider before they are tailored to the medals
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" courtesy and exchange of " has become an essential link in modern enterprises, a good reward gift permeates the culture of the enterprise, shows the charm of the brand, and conveys the rich and profound meaning of the gift party.
Medal is a common reward in our daily life. It can encourage and promote the progress of individuals or groups, and inspire individual potential. However, many customers do not know what to consider before medals customization. Today, I would like to give you a detailed introduction:
First of all, medals customization means competitions or great commemorative matters. For example, a company should reward employees who perform well, and plan to use medals as prizes. At this time you have to consider a good budget, the medal in the budget sufficient conditions, can be added to the company logo or company abbreviations, such a medal for outstanding employees, is the highest glory, is a careless.
Secondly, the color and shape of medals are also worth studying. If we only reward the top three, we can only represent the top 123 with gold, silver and copper. If it is the top six awards, it is suggested that medals can be engraved. The top three are different colors, and the other three are in a uniform color.
Besides, medals are custom-made, besides medals, there is also a very important component, that is, the ribbon of medals. In particular, the link between the tape and the medals must be reliable, because a medal is priceless for the outstanding employees, and hopes to be well preserved.
Finally, medals should be customized to start customizing as soon as possible, because factories need time to produce and can survive in batches. So this cycle is about one month ahead of time.

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